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NCIC Inmate Communications

The Inmate Call Engine platform is designed to be a user-friendly system that offers first class features and advanced technology to your agency to help streamline the workload on your facility. The Inmate Call Engine platform runs exclusively on a VoIP-based centralized platform located in Longview, Texas so there is no need to install a server in your facility. NCIC sets the system up with an ample amount of bandwidth at the jail to allow all phones to be used simultaneously, so facilities will never experience call blocking during peak calling hours. Additionally, we utilized three separate outbound carriers from our switch which allows emergency roll-over in the case of one of our carriers having technical issues.

Inmate Call Engine utilizes redundant Cisco® ASA Firewalls. These firewalls are constantly updated to ensure any known vulnerabilities are resolved. Our network is PCI compliant which means the system undergoes quarterly scans to ensure there are no known vulnerabilities. Any issues found require immediate attention in order to maintain PCI compliance.

All changes made to the data, either directly or through the user interface, are recorded to the log along with the IP address and username of the person making the change. For increased security, database permissions are limited to only key personnel who have access to view or modify the data directly.