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Direct Benefit Solutions

Direct Benefit Solutions has partnered with Prescription Network to offer direct prescription benefits to correctional institutions at discounted rates.  Access to local pharmacies with your secure group benefit card will create an efficient, controlled pharmacy benefit for inmates during a brief or extended incarceration.  

Prescription Network works with each client to develop a prescription drug benefit that meets their cost containment, quality and access needs.  Our plans include a comprehensive set of effective and complementary cost/utilization tools.
These tools are designed to provide us with the greatest flexibility in meeting each client's specific needs for their covered members .  For your specific coverage needs the following outlines how our program would work:
  • The appropriate health care prescriber will call or fax in the prescriptions to the pharmacy.  The pharmacy will be provided with some specific identifiers at that time so they know how to process the claims for these patients (this will include the inmate ID number)
  • The pharmacy will fill the claims as directed by the prescriber, and submit the claims through our system for processing.
  • Our system will edit the claims for any limitations your plan may be allowed to apply.
  • Our system will also process the claim against our contracted pharmacy pricing.
  • We will pay the participating pharmacies directly.
  • Your plan will receive a weekly invoice reflecting the claims that have been filled.  We also have monthly/quarterly/annual reporting that can be customized to provide the information most helpful to you.