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Montgomery Technology, Inc. was established in February of 1987 by Tim Skipper and Tim Redden. These two men recognized a trend in the detention market, in which more electronic solutions were being provided to control various aspects of the facility from intercom to CCTV to locking control. There needed to be a way to integrate all of these systems together in a meaningful way, and so these two engineers developed a product that would allow them to control these various systems from a single control point.

The greatest success of this original idea, and the secret to MTI’s continued success as the long-term solution for integrated controls, is the development of the “MTI Data Loop” protocol. this single protocol is simple yet profound in its capabilities, and because of its flexibility, it allows us to continue to support products that are going on 30 years old. As a result, MTI has an unmatched ability to provide backwards compatibility between existing products and our new products.

Always Advancing

In the early days, MTI produced graphics panels as the user interface, but as personal computers began to be adopted more widely in society, MTI saw the potential and began to incorporate the burgeoning touchscreen technology into this integrated platform. Touchscreen computers were (and still are) great because they afforded a degree of flexibility that was simply not possible with graphics panels. If a facility administrator wanted a change to a label or a new lock button or intercom, adding the human interface for that new control point became a much simpler task.

MTI is always moving forward without ever leaving you in the dust. We are known for innovation that has a meaningful impact on the operation of detention facilities. In 2001, we saw the need to provide video visitation as another point of integration with our system. This feature quickly developed into a product in its own right.

MTI was also the first to make use of the then up-and-coming handheld technology in 2003. Because we write our own software and build our own hardware, we could quickly adopt this new technology and make it useful for detention facilities.

An Emphasis on Quality

In addition to having a mindset for the future, MTI also puts great value on the importance of quality. We were the first control systems integrator to become ISO 9001 certified in 1998, and we have consistently maintained that certification since.

We also ensure that our products meet the highest standards by submitting to UL certification. Our products are listed under UL 508 and UL 294 where appropriate. Our production facility is also listed as a UL panel shop.

Bright Days Ahead

With the right mind set and an eye on quality, we know that we are in a great position for the future. We work very hard to provide the highest possible quality for the most reasonable price, and we believe it shows in the products we provide.


Joe Sowell


23 Old Stage Rd.

Greenville, AL 36420