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After working for several companies for many years, Ken Kendall’s burning desire to be more successful could be contained no longer. With years of experience in direct sales and business management, and service as a trainer, recruiter and national sales manager, Ken started K & K Chemical Company.

The beginning was simple, with only four products and a rented warehouse, but the approach and technique was and still is dynamic. Ken had only two employees, himself and a chemist. As his only salesman those first three years, he began making close customers in public schools almost everywhere in Texas and Oklahoma. He missed very few as superintendents and maintenance supervisors saw the resulting benefits of using Duz-All, Super Butyl, Free Flow and Z-Clean in their programs.

In 1981 Ken built his first lab and manufacturing plant on the present site in Royse City, Texas. It was only 5,000 sq. ft., but had a lot of room to grow. Along the way, other key people were drawn to the organization, mostly in sales, and some of them are still with the group today. By 1985, there were 50 products in the K & K line, an extra 1250 sq. ft. was added, and salesmen were calling on schools, colleges, housing authorities and cities in 5 states. During the late 80’s many new specialty products were added and others improved significantly for the customer’s benefit. School food services became and remain vital accounts. Trade show participation and awards boosted the company’s fame and acclaim. Our customer base expanded to law enforcement agencies and industry in 1994, and in recent years to rural water co-ops. To meet demands, the K & K physical facility doubled in size with still room to expand. As the new millennium evolves, K&K Chemical continues to meet the changing needs of our customers, such as with the new concept of our “Portion Pouch” line.

In January, 2013 Ken decided to sell his stake in K&K Chemical as well as Kendall and Son to an investment group led by Frank Fiorilli and Mathew Looney. Kendall Acquisition Company, LLC, (KAC, LLC) was formed. The company is operated under the same names as always (K&K Chemical and Kendall and Son) and all the employees have remained in place. Ken is still very active in the company as Vice President of Sales and is a trusted advisor and confidant to Mr. Fiorilli who serves as President & Managing Member of KAC, LLC.

Today one man’s dream has grown from that early little whirlwind to a multi-million dollar company, making most of the 115 plus products and serving over thirteen thousand repeat and new customers in 35 active and expanding states. Ken’s never-ending desire for success and helping others has endured to become a tradition of distinct quality and service. We celebrate more than a quarter century for K&K Chemical Products. In an ever changing world, we at K&K Chemical strive by pledge and people to remain as the chemical company that is different -- the one that uses the finest grade of raw materials in blending products that truly do work. As Ken Kendall has always said, “We’re here to stay in the chemical business and that means doing whatever is needed to be foremost in the people business.”

PO Box 1059 

Royse City, TX 75189